Jessica (peacefulmayhem) wrote,

Dreaming big!

So, there is a science / Inventor fair in town in upcoming weeks. Toby has wanted to participate, and has been thinking about what he wants to invent and build.

His first new product was a new dog house with a special bell the dog could ring when it was hungry. I told him that was interesting, but encouraged him to brainstorm a bit more. Things we could feasibly build....we talked about inventors seldom going with their first idea.

In truth, it's that I have no idea how to build a doghouse and Morfar is out of town.

In any case, he told me he'd come up with a great list - a list of things that are actually do-able over the one weekend we have semi-available for the job. How cool is that? So, here it is:


Well, what a relief! We should be able to bang out a globe which transports you anywhere on earth at the touch of a finger before swim class on Saturday! Woo!

Truly, I'm not sure how to handle it. I love the imagination, I love the ideas....but what will we DO?

You will recall Jake thinking big with Morfar last year.
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